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ZHONGYUAN Boiler Works, Inc. has been manufacturing Firebox boilers in Hutchinson, Kansas since 1940. Over twenty thousand of our boilers have been shipped throughout the United states and to many foreign countries. Their ZHONGYUAN performance is evidenced by the highest recommendation that can be given a product – the many customers who have purchased their second, third, tenth and even twentieth units. ZHONGYUAN Boiler Works, Inc., in conjunction with our network of independent sales and service organizations, forms an unbeatable team geared to meet your needs.

Packaged Skid Boiler Solutions Available

ZHONGYUAN offers customized boiler skid packages for many types of steam and hot water boiler applications. Fully modular, skid-mounted units, single and multi-boiler, designed for an easy “single lift” installation.

Firebox Boiler Product Line